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Originally Posted by Deek View Post
Anyone have a Triumph Adjustable High Screen Kit? HERE

I'm looking for something that will cut down the noise and wind blast a bit. Do not want the much more expensive Madstat (sp?) and others, although they probably do work well. I like the looks of the one in the link, but I'm not sure if it will do much to cut down noise and blast.

Pictues would be appreciated, along with a comparison in the size of the stock 'screen and the Adjustable High Screen.

I'm 6', 33 inch inseam. BIke has top and side cases, Givi tank bag.

I have the Triumph adjustable high screen. I snapped a couple lousy pics before running out the door before work this morning. I'm pretty much your size, 6', 34" inseam. Little background, I sold my Honda CBF1000 and bought the Tiger 800XC for a couple reasons, but the main reason for getting rid of the CBF was the bloody wind noise. I loved that bike but spent a couple years trying to resolve the wind noise on it. I ended up running a CalSci med screen which was a huge improvement but still loud. I'm not overly sensitive to wind noise but the CBF was horrible. I love riding my DR650 or the Scrambler I had for the nice clean, quiet ride with no screen at all.

The Tiger stock screen wasn't bad and I could have just lived with it, and it was no where near as loud as the CBF was, even with CalSci screen. I just wanted to try the adjustable one and it's stayed on. I leave it in the high upright position for long highway rides, and lower it for slower or twistier sections.

I was trying to hold the stock screen up with one hand while taking the pic so these aren't perfectly lined up etc. Check the specs but I'd say the high screen is 1.5 - 2" higher than stock.

High screen from the front

Highest position

lowest position

Bottom line is it works OK for me and I'll leave it on. My acid test on my CBF for testing different shields/configurations etc. would be to stand on the pegs. You get the nice quiet clean air, then sit down in my regular riding position and try to make a mental note of the wind noise. Ride / repeat. Good luck, I know how wind noise can ruin an otherwise brilliant bike.
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