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Paracas Pictures

I took a few pictures today of Paracas. It is a beautiful sunny hot day. A lot of the time along the Peru coast it is overcast and still hot but today it is full on sunshine

My Hostal

It has this nice back deck on the third floor, where they serve a good breakfast that's included in the $32 price for a private room with private bath. It's pricey by Peruvian Standards but i find most of the beach towns are.

Here's the view from that back deck

In this one you can see the rooster cages on a nearby rooftop

This park is across the street from the hostal

I went for a walk and I saw this guy in the shade of a palm tree, having his lunch, with two keen observers

They would get excited and he would say "tranquillo" and they would calm back down. Tranquillo is a good Spanish word to know. It comes in handy at roadside stops when they are playing ear splitting music. If you ask for tranquillo they will usually turn it down if you're the only one there.

I saw a couple more pelicans closing in on buddy's lunch.

The beach was nearly empty today compared to when i arrived on Sunday

You can rent these umbrellas and chairs

Some people have developed some pretty nice businesses along the beach. The town overall though has a third world feel

There is already a Doubletree Resort here. It's up the beach a way and I haven't gone to see it. If doubletree is here, no doubt other big American firms will follow.

It's hot. It's important to have shade.

I stopped for a Coke and a bag of Lay's Potato Chips they come with a 10cc restaurant type packett of Mustard in them. I never thought of putting mustard on chips but it's pretty good. Now there's something you can try at home while you're reading my report and you'll almost feel like you're in Peru with me.

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