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Finally someone's listening... and it's NOT KTM...

A 450cc adventure bike... with mid output/long service intervall powerplant, Fuel injection, novel rear (electronic/hydraulic) suspension pre-load adjuster (on the fly for changing load/track conditions).

CCM eh...? A little boutique manufacturer from the heyday of UK off road motorcycles. From reading your facebook "reveal" John, the project has been done in conjunction with your RallyRaid Products UK (those good folks that brough us the much applauded Rallye Kit for KTM's 690 Enduro R) and you been involved in the CCM/Kymco/BMW sourced project since inception...?

Now I don't believe that Dr John would put his name on a turd... so I am giving this one a preliminary thumbs up.

So maybe it's not a hard core desert racer out of the box... but in the vein of Huskvarna's new Terra 650... It look's like; here is an "adventure" bike off the showroom floor, for the real world user...

Ummm... no weight spec's yet John? (that's the only thing that shocked me about the new Husky Terra ), but hey, with that aluminium frame, the G450X based engine... hmmm? Toss those kelvinator boxes off the side and lose the usual 5 kilos of extraneous crap they usually bolt to the rear fender (and a lighter silencer maybe)... I'm guessing (hoping) that (+/- 5kg) of the 140 - 145 kg mark would not be out of the question?

Let the couch quarterbacking begin...

oh... when can I get a ride?
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