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Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
Ok this is what I wear.

I remove the armor and wear this underneath.

I wear these knee armor.

And some motocross boots.

So I can set up camp and go riding in warm weather without the hot gear on.
Thanks a lot for your view on this! This is exactly what I was thinking as well! Few questions though.
Last time I wore those knee protectors I was 12 and running those inline skate things. The knee protecters were held in place with some Velcro. How about your protectors? Are they held in place with just a couple of straps? Is that secure enough? Because I can imagine that it gets loose, or slides when you crash, or if you go on rough roads.

I don't really get the pants part. I can see myself riding in your body armor with just a jersey over it, but to wear flimsy pants... I don't know. Why did you choose for your pants?
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