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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
ludite huh ... then why is my R80 G/S is running the latest LiFePO4 batteries. it's the test bed for all sorts of bleeding edge LiFePO4 batteries.

but sometime I do carry a spare battery in case one doesn't have enough amp hours to start G/S on cold trips.

currently running Earth-X ETX36C which weights 3lb 11oz. it's got all sorts of reserve amp hour capacity to deliver huge cranking amps after cold camping.

Shorai LFX 36 has been in R80 G/S for the last year on a long term test. never missed a beat, also delivers huge cranking amps even in cold weather. for Adventure bikes the only LiFePO4 batteries that I can recommend so far, are Earth-X ETX36 and Shorai LFX36.

checking out my lithium motorcycle testing thread ... link in sig.

currently world's most advanced Li-ion charger/tester
Yeah but when it goes wrong, what are you going to do then? I can fix a wet-cell lead acid battery with a pair of fencing pliers and a piece of chewing gum and be back on my merry way in no time, while your dreamliner is by the side of the road on fire.

Seriously - Interesting thread. Not sure I want to have to hook my battery up to a special charger to balance the cells every few weeks - but I'm sure that lead-acid batteries will be obsolete fairly soon.
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