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Once you cache an area on the phone the roads map is just like you are connected..
.. you don't have the SAT view.. only roads and your current position superimposed over the map.

.. easy to simulate..
First cache a map on the phone..
.. then put your phone in airplane mode..
(that simulates being out of signal range)
... now open maps to your saved area and see how far you can zoom in.


Originally Posted by Not the Messiah View Post
Hi Dennis,

I'm new to GPS navi on a bike and have one main question so far!
I want something to use to pre-plan rides at home on the laptop and Google Maps is good for that. The places I'll pass through will be way out of range of the mobile phone service, so my question relates to the functionality of the maps when they're cached onto the tablet: Is each map which you cache a simple snapshot view which can be zoomed into but doesn't have any more info to reveal as you zoom in? Or is it fully functional so that you can keep zooming in to find more detail as you do with Maps on line.
In case the words are getting in the way of the question: Example: I'm to travel a mountain road for 100 miles with no side roads or turn-offs. So I have a map showing most of the 100 miles in one screen view - just to keep track of progress. Then I come to a town in which I have a couple turns to make into side streets, so I want a zoomed in map with maybe a few hundred yards shown on the one screen view. Am I going to be able to use the one map, and zoom right in when I get to town, or should I be caching another map with the zoomed in view?

I'm hoping the long question makes a short answer!

Thanks for all your work, I'm looking forward to trying out your efforts.
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