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Devil's Highway Revisit

OK, I have been really lazy about getting this report done. The ride was actually back in the middle of November. The plan this year was to ride as much of the area we haven't been on yet as we could. I already covered my impressions of the area in my previous report so the plan for this one is just to bombard with all the pics. I will highlight any significant differences from last year but otherwise just enjoy the pics.

The team was the same as last year. This is me...

I tried to find a picture of Alan but it appears that he took all the pictures and isn't actually IN any of them. Either that, or he is some kind of secret agent and can't appear in photos. Or maybe vampire...Anyway, here is Alan's bike...

And so it begins...

Picking up a pass for the Organ Pipe. I thinks it's $4.

The road out to the first rescue beacon was pretty fast going. We were flying by last year's standard. I couldn't figure out if the road was better, my bike was better, or my riding was better. Whatever it was I was happy to take it.

Time to put on the flags...

Then came the Playas...

Remember last year...

This year was COMPLETELY different...

Despite my smile this one hurt. I was actually going in the opposite direction from the way the bike is facing. As I lay there face down breathing in silt and waiting to decide if my ankle was broken or not I had one thought.. "This is totally 'Dust to Glory's fault" I remember thinking about the part where they are describing how "silt sucks" and all you could do is pin it. So guess what? I pinned it. For those that have never ridden in silt, it's a lot like water. It even moves like water. When you hit a small patch of it, it feels just like a puddle splashing onto your legs. The result is that silt can look relatively smooth on the surface and there can be horrific stuff just under the surface. In this case the horrific stuff was truck wheel ruts that were like cement. I was doing ok until my front wheel caught a cross rut and I got body slammed and about 45mph.

A few miles down the road the other side got to taste the Diablo..

After a minor adjustment we were back on the road.

This one was me figuring out that the panniers are just a little wider than the bars so when your front clears a wash wall, your back may not.

I was pretty happy I brought those extra straps.

We camped near the Tinajas again.

Remember this guy..?

This year he had some company...

Our chosen site had a pretty cool cave like feeling.

The next morning we took the Diablo East into Wellton instead of the Diablo West into Foothills. We came across some awesome military vehicles and some fake missile sites...

These "bullets" were about four feet long. You can just make out our tire marks next to them for scale.

That's it for now. More to follow...
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