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This whole conspiracy theory won't be hard to test, six clear small bottle. An ounce of fuel in each one treated and untreated with various products. Let sit six months as if in a carb. We all know carb gas goes bad in a month or so vs tank gas which can last years, so we will test the small amounts for smell and discoloration, or lack thereof. And lastly its burn ability. Better term for that I'm sure. I will let the nieces and nephews handle this for their annual science fair project. Someone smart at school, maybe their science teacher, should be able to figure out a way to document the burn rate and stuff like that. (Hopefully safely). Sure we could just do the hillbilly way: that smells like varnish pause puke, go to next one. The amount of this stabilizer products I am using I'd like to know if its doing anything. If betting money I'd say I'm all in for it is doing something to prevent octane loss etc...
I like this idea. You would fill the jars to the exact same level in each jar, and mark the level. Then, drill a 1/16" hole in each lid (to simulate float bowl venting), screw the lids on and watch the levels and look for water separation at the bottom of the jars. Whatever mix has the highest level with the least (or no) separation wins. Right?
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