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Time for us to chime in as well - 2 bros from Vermont heading out for the TAT June 1. We're riding KLRs ('09, '11), currently in the process of setting them up, collecting gear, tools, etc. Big remaining issue there is suspension. Not to get off topic, but if anyone has any recommendations on what to do, I'm all ears. I've read a lot of stuff, and its pretty unclear on what the RIGHT thing to do is. At this point, I'm thinking of replacing the front and rear springs with Race Techs with the proper spring rate (we're both around 210, 6'4", early 40s, experienced off road riders).

My other big question is around navigation. We will be purchasing the scroll charts in the next couple weeks. I've done many route sheeted rides so I'm totally comfortable following the paper, but I like having GPS as I'm expecting to deal with re-routs, wrong turns, etc. and figure that will help us to better get back on track, and I also like the redundancy. First question - what is the ideal KLR style (cheap) GPS set up? I have a Garmin Nuvi 550 which I don't think will work. Second question - with proof of purchase for the paper sheets, is there a way to obtain GPS tracks from somewhere?
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