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Originally Posted by MizzouRider View Post
I put together a quick route on map source Friday, and took the bike out on Saturday. Couple of questions;

The Montana shut off a couple of times. I would hit the power button and it jumped right back in place, no problem.
Is this the loose battery issue? It happened twice. One when I was on the smooth blacktop. If its the loose battery, does the foam plug go above or below the battery? Or, is this possibly just a loose connection in the mount?

Second, it shows me on the screen how many miles to destination, but does not give me a ETA, or distance to next turn, can I add those fields to the map/route screen? I know these are probably answered elsewhere, put I'm not all that proficient at searching out answers. Or, I'm just a lazy bas&@rd..
I've had similar problems regarding shutdowns. It doesn't happen often and I don't recall the roads where it happened as being especially rough. However, I will try the earplug trick even though I cannot understand why the battery connection would affect the power while connected to the AMPs mount.
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