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It is an awesome machine, no doubt. The challenge is escaping the overarching over-the-hill accountant/dentist/___-retiree stigma that has haunted these cars ever since I can remember.

Kids just don't own corvettes -- and that's impressive considering that, on the used market, they can be had for less than a new Accord, yet will outperform most anything Japan and Germany have to offer for the $$. And further yet, Gen-Y would rather drive an imported rally car. STi, Evo, even the Focus RS. Why does the young performance-lusting segment lust only for turbocharged subcompacts, or else uber-expensive Bavarian bling?

I have a pretty diverse peer group -- adjust for those actually interested in fast cars, and for those whom could actually afford a used vette, and what you notice is that almost literally, no one, owns a vette. Lots of German and Japanese "sport" cars, yet the obvious performance superiority of the 'vette is overlooked. These same kids who drop 30+k on a new AWD G37.. or used 350Z balk at the used C6 that would toast their Fairlady faster than a Foreman grill. Why? Because the vette just ain't cool enough.

So I can understand Chevy's desire to put some bling into their current 'Vette crop. This new one seems like the poor man's ferrari. And whoever said it's taken some styling cues from the current-gen Camaro is right on -- the Camaro has broken though that GenY barrier -- and I hope this Vette does the same.
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