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Originally Posted by Detale View Post
It all comes down to money. They cost more so they have more to spend on display space and marketing. Don't get me wrong I like them...alot, but I can't see spending that much on my hobby.

I also wouldn't categorize motorcycling as "exclusive" from what I've seen people who are new to it are welcomed in to the fold and I've been involved in many of the different internal clicks we have (sport bikes, pirates, choppers, vintage, dirtbike guys) Everyone seems pretty cool except for the occasional harley snob. There are more cars on the road because for most people they are more practical and easier to drive.
Agreed, it ALWAYS comes down to money, no matter the brand -- the issue is how you choose to allocate your marketing funds. The Big 4 spends on TV, radio, billboards, internet, social media, race contingencies and so on -- certainly far far more than Ducati does in the aggregate, in the US anyway as far as I can tell. So as a prospective customer, where would I rather see a manufacturer spend their marketing dollars if forced to make a choice -- on TV, radio, etc...OR friendly reps listening to what I have to say, all the while sipping espresso.

I know which I'd choose. Please don't tell me you'd rather watch TV?
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