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Originally Posted by roostar View Post
I don't think he likes BMW's
Some of us love them, and haven't had to replace our GS's fuel pump/filter/water pump/vapour lock/etc etc etc.

Doesn't matter though, he's not interested.

for 5grand he'd be better off with an old airhead but the V-Strom is about the only thing he'll get worth riding. but it will handle gravel okay and you can do a 300 mile day on it. Of course the OP said this:

good on gravel, better on pavement. Not too fat (< 400#).

And we all know a V-Strom 650 is about 490 pounds wet. So there goes that idea.
Gotta admit an old airhead GS (dead simple) well maintained and high miles for 5K is a good choice.
Maybe an old Transalp?
I actually liked the Scrambler idea quite a lot.

Would anyone here recommend a 5,000 USD used KTM SE950 with 80,000 miles on it?

(has there been one made it that long?)
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