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Yeah but when it goes wrong, what are you going to do then? I can fix a wet-cell lead acid battery with a pair of fencing pliers and a piece of chewing gum and be back on my merry way in no time, while your dreamliner is by the side of the road on fire.

Seriously - Interesting thread. Not sure I want to have to hook my battery up to a special charger to balance the cells every few weeks - but I'm sure that lead-acid batteries will be obsolete fairly soon.
I think lead-acid batteries will survive, but the flooded-cell type won't. Sealed AGM types are so superior that they will be around for a long time.

I'd be interested to see a pictorial of your fence pliers/chewing gum fix on a battery. Maybe you could work on it

Motorcycle owners are their own worst enemies when it comes to battery care because most won't buy a 20 dollar battery tender and plug the bike in every time it's parked in the garage. Keeping the battery fully charged this way can triple battery life.
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