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I traded my 2001 Outback at 132,000 miles because of the ticking time bomb head gasket issue. The car ran great, but I just didn't want to get stuck with that kind of cash outlay for engine work on a car that was worth less than 5 grand. Plus, the slush box in those cars was a habitual premature up shifter.
"If you are looking for the typical ride to a restaurant, eat tacos, hold the middle finger over the food, stop and take a picture of a gravel road type ride, you probably won't be interested." - dlrides

"A guy I know was the lead researcher for the University of Utah federally funded study of cellphone and texting use while driving. He found that your twice as dangerous as a drunk while using your cell phone and I think it was up to six times worse if the driver was texting."-dakardad
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