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I have nothing against the MadAss, I guess I'm one of those that just doesn't get it. The dealer where I bought my '09 Stella (which I still have and love more every day) sold them back then, but has since dropped them. I sat on one while waiting for them to get my Stella ready, and the first thing I noticed was how uncomfortable it was. The seat felt like those on a road bicycle, the bars were too low for me and the pegs a bit too high and too far bike (the standard sport bike riding position, though not as extreme as some)

I put a little over 10,000 miles on a 2006 Kawasaki Eliminator 125 and loved it. It was about the same price as the MadAss 125, but more substantial and way more comfortable. I traded it when I found something else I just had to have. As for automatics, I have a Zuma 125 and a Vino 125 that are also much more comfortable than the MadAss, and they have about the same top speed. I got the Kawasaki 125 up to an indicated 70 mph. If I were about to buy a brand new small motorcycle right now, I think it would probably be a Suzuki DR200. Still small and flickable, reasonably comfortable, some off road capability, and the big plus, freeway legal when you need to ride a short distance on the freeway.

I don't know if the MadAss 125 has tubeless tires, but that would be a big point in it's favor. I have owned mopeds with cast wheels, but they still had tube type tires. Maybe no one makes tubeless tires in that size.

The MadAss is definitely a one of a kind bike, and I can certainly understand why someone would be attracted to it.
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