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Originally Posted by Johnf3 View Post
The 18 works fine in the KTM. I just got mine, but it immediately started the bike from cold at 27 degrees F. Oh, and I have carbs on my bike, like every other carbed bike I have ever had, starts just as quickly as my FI bikes. 20 or 30 second crank times to start? That's silly.

For reference, I had a 8 cell, yes an 8 cell, TurnTech in my 950 for two years and it worked without issue too, except for sluggish cold starts until it self heated.

The big KTM's don't really have big electrical capabilities anyway. We are happy maybe with a set of heated grips and some auxillary LEDs. The Ah of the 18 Earth-X can easily handle that. I wouldn't hesitate to take mine anywhere off the beaten path. Heck I did that with my 8 cell TurnTech.
when everything is going hunky dory no problems using LFX18... but what if you get in an situation where extended cranking is needed?
like say a bad load of fuel ... or a fuel pump going out... etc. etc... that's when extended crank times come into play. not when everything is going fine. and we all know nothing ever goes wrong with KTM's

by the way actual amp hour capacity on LFX18 is about 4.5 AH depending on how it's measured. an 8 cell LiFePO4 26650 cylindrical has about 4.6AH actual. battery mfg including Shorai and Earth-X wildly inflate amp hour ratings. Earth-X seems to outperform Shorai for cranking performance on smaller sizes. both Earth-X ETX36 and Shorai LFX36 have outstanding cranking performance and good amp hour reserves. hard data a few pages back will verify above statements.

How LifePO4 batteries deliver current makes a huge difference. leaving lights on then starting engine with about 1 second crank with LFX18... under light current draw condition like this... LFX18 will repeat this cycle many times. way more than needed to start bike in warm conditions.

LifePO4 loses 50% of it's AH capacity at 10C (14f) battery has to be warmed up by running current... this takes amp hours....

so if bike always leave home base in a fully charged condition stored inside. cranking amp needed to start a modern fuel injected bike will only be few seconds or in your case an easy to start carb bike even when cold. not all bikes are so blessed... (R80 G/S takes extended cranking when temps dip to 20f) when it's 15f outside, usually doesn't drop below 30f inside my garage. once bike is running you've got warm bike for easy starts getting back home.... again light duty conditions which a small battery like LFX18 could handle.

multiple 30second 200 amp cranks ... no way

adventure bikes are used in all sorts of conditions without home base support. they have probably the highest amp hour requirements of all bikes. so far, only batteries I can recommend for Adventure bikes are Earth-X ETX36 and Shorai LFX36.

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