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Originally Posted by J Lewis View Post
Just a note to any of the riders on the fence about taking one of the JLR classes leading up to the event.

The March 23,24 (weekend before) is heavy with "on-tour" riders heading to the rally and I suspect will fill up in the next few weeks based on the inquires I have been getting.

The special WED Mar 27th class, arranged by some of the guys on this thread earlier has plenty of openings now but as always happens a few guys get decide to go and then it might fill quickly since I'll have to limit this class size because I can't get my usual assistants during the week. And I like to keep the student/instructor ratio in check.

And here is the worst part, when I do my magic show on Saturday (or is it Friday?) you will wish you learned all that stuff earlier so you could have put it to use.

And since I'm totally pimping my classes here, here is the free offer to everyone here:

If you have a question about riding technique or bike setup, PM me through ADV and I will answer the question back to you and possibly post the good ones in this thread (If Joel wants me to).

I can answer 9 out fo 10 questions without referring to a reference manual.

And fi you are on the waiting list for this ride and want to do something similar there is an event called "AltRider's Taste Of Dakar" taking place in Pahrump, NV Feb. 23-25 with a similar feel yet the give-aways won't stand a chance to Joel's raffle.

jimmy, by all means post them up.

this is probably the best thread where the readers and participants are looking for answers to their crashing issue....

i won't deny it, i'm also in the special needs category... btw, i rode last weekend and did over 500 miles, probably 200 miles of dirt, rocks, mud, snow and ice. little sand. i survived, all those times, i keep on playing on my mind what you said, to stay in control by keeping your balance. came home with no holes in my pants and jacket....

it's your call when to do the riding basics. both days are fine. probably friday is better since there's the saturday raffle. this way the participants get 2 whammys 2 days in a row. still, your call and we will make adjustments.

thanks jimmy for being supportive and helping us all to become better riders.
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