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Originally Posted by slartidbartfast View Post
Yeah but when it goes wrong, what are you going to do then? I can fix a wet-cell lead acid battery with a pair of fencing pliers and a piece of chewing gum and be back on my merry way in no time, while your dreamliner is by the side of the road on fire.

Seriously - Interesting thread. Not sure I want to have to hook my battery up to a special charger to balance the cells every few weeks - but I'm sure that lead-acid batteries will be obsolete fairly soon.
gads... what mis-information!

LifePO4 li-ion batteries are all but impossible to catch on fire... unlike Lithium cobalt li-ion batteries which can go into thermal runaway if any number things go wrong (explosion) like on 787.

currently running Earth-X ETX36C which has an internal BMS or battery management system, which keeps cells balanced. any quality conventional lead acid charger will do.

lead acid batteries are not going away anytime soon. in fact for most folks that need a battery on their motorcycle. my recommendation is a quality AGM first. for most folks saving lbs is not a big deal... others think otherwise.

for instance an Odyssey AGM to fit R80 G/S weight 22lb vs Earth-X ETX36 weight 3lb 11oz.... saving 18lbs without losing reliability. main drawback is costs $$$....
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