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Lots of airheads.....well sorry, cy, I ride reliable bikes, not something that makes an inherently reliable electronic ignition, unreliable. As for putting points in a bike with electronic ignition, well, Mallory used to make a dual point setup for old cars, maybe you can adapt one to your old bike, twice as many moving parts, twice as much stuff to go wrong. I've got a 1970 Honda CT-70 with points, its' still running on the original points, I guess it's reliable, but your argument about it points being preferable to electronic ignitions, well, you're the only one convinced of that that I can see.

Good luck trying to sell something that you put in the "wayback machine" and converted to a prehistoric way of lighting the fire. Does any bike in the world come with points any more? I don't think so, at least that isn't made in India or somewhere. Are you still running non-radial tires? I bet you are. Come on, tell me why bias ply are better.
gad zooks...

anyone riding a Ducati or KTM telling me about reliability???? huh???

R80 G/S have been ridden RTW by loads of folks. a properly prepped G/S is reliable as any modern bike.. probably more so...

yes.. G/S is running latest heidenau k60 scout tires .. no clue if they are radials...

bike mfg switched to electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition initially to help pass EPA regulations. And for higher profits of course. OEM wants things complex as possible to force buyer to go back to dealership. yes I know how to work on fuel injection and electronics.

what ever makes my R80 G/S more reliable, more serviceable in the middle of nowhere. goal is to go RTW with my R80 G/S ....
which was chosen as the best tool to get the job done ...

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