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gad zooks...

anyone riding a Ducati or KTM telling me about reliability???? huh???

bike mfg switched to electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition initially to help pass EPA regulations. And for higher profits of course. OEM wants things complex as possible to force buyer to go back to dealership. yes I know how to work on fuel injection and electronics.

what ever makes my R80 G/S more reliable, more serviceable in the middle of nowhere. goal is to go RTW with my R80 G/S ....
which was chosen as the best tool to get the job done ...

They didn't change to electronic to make more profits, they did it to make them more reliable. They aren't making you go to the dealer, they are making you buy a $15 multimeter, and judging by your posts, you've got a couple of those. You'd think with your electrical/battery experience, you'd realize that electronics are more reliable and cheaper to make, repair and replace than an electromechanical setup like points. You're crazy. And so far, my Duc and my KTM are damned reliable. KTM has carbs, just did a rejet this weekend, I'd rather just program it on the computer, but didn't have a choice in the matter.

And even the new BMWs are more reliable than your R/80. Come on man, move into this century. You'd probably like it, you don't have to work on things like points any more. The only thing I replace on my sleds is tires and an occasional chain. The valve adjustment on the Duc, 4 valve mind you, has not changed in 20,000 miles.

Anyway, have fun out there, that's our common goal. If you like changing and adjusting points, have at it. Meanwhile, I'll just do third gear wheelies on the KTM and make a lot of noise on the Duc.
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