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Originally Posted by Rockmuncher View Post
Do you throw in a bike cover thinking, out of sight, out of mind
Most definitely yes. Anything that will make the thiefīs work even a bit harder will affect the chances, that the thief will go somewhere else, and leave your bike alone.

The occasional crackheads, that are just looking for anything to steal, you can prevent with a sturdy disc lock (also recommended), and professionals use vans to lift your bike inside, the disc lock is no use against those guys. But most likely even the pros will have to approach your bike first, to simply lift the cover, and have a look whatīs inside, (because they donīt just drive around to find something to steal, theyīre looking for some specific bike types or models). They donīt like the idea to have to come near your bike, before they can make the decision to steal it or leave it.

Exactly where you park the bike for the night is also important, when thinking about how to keep the pro guys away. How easy is it to drive a van next to your bike? Thatīs why keeping it on a street, or on a public parking hall is not a good idea, if you can avoid doing so.
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