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Originally Posted by ZORBA View Post
The emergency switch on the right handlebar...
I hope it is this one causing the problem.
I''ll test the next few days and report.
I now remembered: a few months a go, a friend removed the fuel tank on his Africa Twin and disconnected a few connectors located under the tank, to the front of the bike, near the thermostast housing. One of those connectors belongs to that on/off kill switch on the right handlebar. He disconnected them to clean them and spray them with contact cleaner but apparently, he failed to connect all of them correctly. You guessed it, the mis-connected connector was the kill switch connector and one day while riding the bike (not very long after removing the tank and luckily to him, not far from his home), the engine simply shut down and wouldn't start again. He pushed the bike home and when looking for possible causes, he found the connector disconnected.

So, have you been disconnecting stuff lately on your bike? Could it be the connector for the kill switch on your bike is poorly connected? Or having bent of ill-connected terminals inside? I would check to see this first as sometimes the vibrations from the engine may cause poorly connected connectors to come completely apart... I actually had this happening to me on the tripmaster connector...

I hope the cause is actually something simple and not too expensive to fix.
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