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Originally Posted by Tomas Kocanda View Post
Ehm, what BMW enduro bike should be the kit based on please? G450X is finished and as far, as I know, there is no other bike on the way. Not to mention, that investment in speedbrain kit development for Husqvarna is quite OK...
Hi Tomas - I think you misread my original post - that was my point - BMW realised that the G450X was perhaps not the 'golden ticket' they had hoped for, so dropped the competition line to concentrate on their large capacity Adventure range... letting Husqvarna take over any subsequent development of the 450X engine/platform for the 449.

As I'm sure you are aware, the Speedbrain kit was originally developed for the G450X, and modified/developed over the past couple of years to work with the modified chassis that Husqvarna employed for the 449.

My point is simply that by separating the racing programme/s (Mini & Husqvarna) from the parent company (BMW) the risk now is minimal for BMW - if it works, then it's great for the sub-brands; and it if doesn't, BMW don't suffer from adverse publicity/criticism, and their core business and brand image remains unaffected...

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