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If you are also looking for some entertainment too, there are two bike-festivals in Austria,
which are worth to visit...

1.) Triumph Tridays from 21.-23.06.2013:

Bikest meeting of Triumph bikers in Europe. Situated in Salzburg around the Mountain Gro▀venediger you
can enjoy one of the most open-minded meetings and also use the unique surrounding for fantastic bike-tours!

2.) European Bike Week from 03.-08.09.2013:

The bigest bike-festival in Europe. Last year there were at all 100.000 bikers from all over the world,
and not only H-D riders! It's placed in Carinthia, a province of Austria, which is famous for many
well-known biker-tours trough the alps. At the festival most people do party very hard,
and you will of course meet a lot of crazy people there

Maybe also very interesting for your tour planing:

The holy bible(s) for many european bikers are two german books, called the Denzel Motorrad-Touren Westalpen &
Denzel Motorrad-Touren Ostalpen. There you can find most of the best biker-tours through the alps.
Both books are only in german available, but if you will know which parts of europe you want to visit, maybe I
can give you some good proposals..

And sorry for my bad English
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