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Originally Posted by Kedgi View Post
i have done a lot of soul searching down here.

Can't tell you everything I've discovered but i can assure you, i will not tolerate friends that say they're coming over and don't show up. Or, friends that cancel at the last minute> in my mind that's total BS. Get your act together. I
effen hate it when people do that. People that make trips like this happen are reliable, truthful, trustworthy, dependable and if they tell you they are going to do something, they effen do it. It's all about honour.

I'm getting too old to put up with "I Might be there" or "we'll try and get there" It's yes or no in my book. Say yes I'll be there or no I won't and make if effen happen. No more BS I hate waiting for people you can't rely on.

make no mistake, I'm not talking about a glitch that was unavoidable in a SA trip I'm talking about idiots in NA who can;t get their shit together.

i have discovered i absolutely hate winter. ( in reality I knew that already)I will move heaven and earth to never see it again.

I really dislike small towns and the lack of life that occurs in them, I love big cities and i would love to live in one again.


Wow what happened?

Kedgi - I hear ya, I know a guy like that, fcuking drives our of group friends nuts. Habitual bailer. Tells people he will meet them & then nada. I don't get too crazy about it, cause I'll just go make my own good time. And I just factor that he'll bail out anyway

Stay safe
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