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Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
The pants are just basic abrasion protection.

Oh I also wear these under the pants.{keyword}&gclid=CLSfi7rg-rQCFQioPAod7l8A2w

I would like to upgrade to Klim, but can't afford it right now. I bought the pants a long time ago before I truly knew about good gear.

The knee pads are held in place well but do pinch a bit under the knee. I am looking to sew some softer stuff on the straps. They are adjusted my velcro and have a quick disconect on the armor. You can see them on the left on the picture. As for them being to long for motorcross boots, they are fine for me, but I am 6'4.

The fox titan jacket has adjustability to keep it close to your body.
Yeah I have already experienced that with the soft armor in a pair of built pants from cycle gear.

Originally Posted by mookybird View Post
For multiday trips and local offroad riding I wear the same Fox pressure suit shown above, it's great for layering as temps change throughout the day/trip, and a heated vest with a down inner jacket liner under neath it will take you down to freezing with a decent wind/rain shell.

I also use various version of the underpants knee armor similar to what is pictured, the ywork great and provide a secure feeling that your armor will be in the right place if you come off, I have several different pairs and choose based on whether I'm at the track or dual sporting where I do a lot of walking, I find them very comfortable and easy to use for local commuting as well.

I have about 342 billion miles on a pair of Troy Lee 7705 underpants hip armor/padded riding shorts, running from real hot to all day wet and cold, these are keepers. Every now and again I step off the bike while it's still going at a pretty good clip and the part that usually hurts days later is around my seat and hips, these combined with my Klim pants provide pretty good coverage and so far I've avoided anything more than bruising and soreness.

Leatt has recently come out with a top undersuit armor setup that I intend to have a good look at this spring.

I think what gear is optimal has a lot to do with what size and weight of bike and what terrain your riding. One day with a 3/4 length ADV jacket on terrain that included carrying metal panniers up a long hill and then pushing wrestling the bike cured me of that sort of gear.
I looked those up. Looks good. I like the idea of the unfder shorts too.
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