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Yep, it's a good setup. Pretty compact. I just might be able to get by with their 38 to 40 liter capacity. I dunno, even the small Seahorse cases I have are 26 liters each, or 52 total. iM2600 Storms, like TT sells, are 36 each. And I could add a tool box to the extra space on the left, or even a fuel block, Kolpin or Rotopax.

Another bonus for your setup is weight savings. The expedition bags are about 11lbs total, my cases are 17 pounds each. No wonder I can feel them on the bike even when lightly loaded.

What I can tell you is the Happy Trails racks are very strong. The wolfmans are too, and they tuck in closer and higher, although it does seem they left quite a bit of exta room for the exhaust can. Probably for some heat to escape from it, distance the bag a bit. Berg does a nice job with his layout. No issues with aftermarket exhausts either - I could get my Leo Vince on there with those. That is probably my biggest issue with happy trails, the right front mount gets in the way of an aftermarket can headpipe. Very poor routing there. I also don't like the HT crossbar, it's way too low. I guess I could make a new one. Berg has his tucked up under the plate where it should be.

Thanks for the pix! Tidy setup.

Here's mine again, I'm pretty sure I've posted this one before. It's not a bad setup, I just think softbags are better for off road.

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