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Originally Posted by BELSTAFF View Post
Understood, Jan is always the hard month for me looking back at the past & thinking what could have been, looking froward to the

possibilities of what can be.

The people of the first man have a name for this bleak but promising month .------ To them it is called----


That sounds much more romantic than January.

Give Spirit a hug from me
And as you say "Stay Well"
I like that Jeff. Thank You.

Open Mind and “Closed Canyon”. TX

Weather in Big Bend! Our path is always about the weather. It dictates our coming and going. Staying put or roll down the roads with an acquired over these past years freedom. Right now after the rains and a bit of snow it has been as Paradise, as in sunny, warm and I might even go as far as saying “hot”. A hike throughout “Closed Canyon” had been on my mind for a while and the perfect day for it arrived. Even more perfect with the company of a good Friend we had not seen in years. The kind “we picked up where we had left off”. Another surprise was in store for us, pools of water adding to the beautiful vision of this Canyon carved from years of waters and debris passing through to finally end up in the Rio Grande. A larger pool however was awaiting about a mile into it. That was the end for us, we were not going to swim in the icy temperatures. Not that day. The destinations are endless within this area, where will we go next?

Enjoy the Canyon and another video.

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit

7ht Year, the Stars, living under them…
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