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Originally Posted by DakarNick View Post
Eaxactly! I found this which is what the seller used on it.

I have a Rx and battery. Plus, it's made for PFV and has a Go Pro tray on it already.


I'd go for it!! I'm not familiar with that RCTimer board, just been using the KK's so far. But I like the looks of it, since it has interfaces for GPS and such. That would be fun to play with once you get familiar.

What do you want to use for an FPV setup? That seems to be a whole 'nuther can of worms I haven't cracked open yet. I hear you need a HAM license to legally operate some systems (in the U.S.), although I'm sure there must be some lower power units that don't require it.

I can see why you'd want to use a low-res FPV link for navigation and aiming your camera, while still carrying a GoPro or similar to record HD video at the same time. Currently on my aerial photo/video missions, I'm shooting blind. Aiming the camera is just a guess.
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