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Let me defend my "rattle can" paint here a little. I did not roll down to wal mart and buy some crap off the shelf. The colorrite paint is specifically made for painting motorcycle fairings. It is OEM quality paint and not cheap. Clean, sand, clean, adhesion promoter, primer, sand, clean, two coats of color, two coats of clear. There is a flex agent built into the paint, but no drying agent so it takes forever to cure. You can buy the paint in non-rattle can form, but I really did not have any confidence/expirence in mixing everything correctly to get decent results.

That being said, it is still rattle can and you will never get professional results from it. I understood that going in. A profesional paint job to me would be a waste on this bike as it is a big ugly dirt bike that I will scratch up all over again anyway. If you like your bike pretty and clean all the time then this is not the path to take, it needs to go to a pro. Seems to be holding up well, but time will tell. If I had to do it again I would primer, color and send it to a pro for clear.

For the OP, I think the total for paint and decals was around $450. The quote I got from a pro painter was $1200 for just paint and don't even get me started on the KTM OEM decal prices. If it all falls off in two years, I"ll do it over with another color

This was orange at one time
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