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I have just spent several hours on the carbs and one is still pissing fuel out

I went right back to square one and stripped them down, removed all of the O-rings and gave them a good clean, wash and dry. Dried everything and gave them a thorough blow through with compressed air. As I already mentioned I have replaced all of the O-rings and lightly lubricated them as I put the carbs back together. I set the float heights using a digital vernier calliper to get them as accurate as I could.

I stood the carbs on my bench and connected up my remote fuel tank, switch on the fuel and within a few seconds fuel starts to run out of the right hand carb. The fuel seems to come from this small hole.

I opened up the float bowl on the leaking carb and bent the float valve arm so that it was virtually closed even when upside down and them tried again - you guessed it! - still fuel leaking out so, how is the fuel getting into and overfilling the float bowl if the float valve is shut?

Any help will be much appreciated - I'm starting to love my fuel injected bikes more and more!

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