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Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
Im pretty disappointed with the Nuvi. Even in the US you can be on a two lane road that doesnt even show up on the map. Yeah it does some topographical stuff but thats pretty cool but what good is it if it cant help you navigate?
I updated the maps just before we left so I was really hoping this wouldnt be an issue. My old GPS (2720 I think?) you could be in the middle of freaking NOWHERE and there would be a deer track off into the woods and it would show up on the GPS.
Tooling aroung Baja in the 70's on a Norton must have been a blast!!!
The Nuvi 50 did okay on a recent ride from Colorado to the Oregon coast and then down to SF before returning across Nevada and Arizona. The thing is, I can read the screen without needing to put on my reading glasses. The first one I bought froze the second time I used it.
I had a 2720 and I remember it leading me to a remote two-track in the middle of the prairie in SE Colorado but it got me to my destination. It was a great unit.
I did post kind a report of one of my adventures on the Norton.
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