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Originally Posted by DaveStockwell View Post
What he said!

The WeeStrom is a perfectly good bike that can do many things well. It may not have a lot of the gee-wiz features of the mega-buck BMWs but that also means you have less to go awry. Save the $$, get the Vstrom, spend the savings on gas and park passes and Twisted Throttle accessories (BTW, my opinion is that the skid plate, crash bar combo from ALTRider is the best fitting for the Stroms.)

Seriously, any nits you find with the VStrom can be easily fixed with the aftermarket. Have fun and see you on the road!

PS: For your passenger, get one of these. They will love you for it.
From their site:

VStrom Owners -11/21/12 : Due to the fact that the election didn't quite go as expected, Pirates Lair is being forced to streamline our operation in order to survive the upcoming 4 years. Our slow selling products will simply have to be dropped from the menu and unfortunately this backrest is one of them. Combine that hard reality with the fact that many (not all) of the 2012 and 2013 VStroms now have a new rear rack (which isn't compatible with our backrest).. we're going to discontinue them as soon as our current stock is exhausted. I honestly hate to do this as I am very proud of the design.. It's not personal. It's mathematics.
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