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Is the power cable an integral part of the rugged mount? I can't find a pic that shows how the cable hooks in. I've always been able to have a cable on each bike and just move the cradle to the bike I was using. I don't even see a separate part number for the power cable though. Am going to need the rugged cradle with power cable for each bike?
At $35 each, it's easy to justify buying a Rugged Mount for each bike but it's also easy to make the mount movable, by putting a SAE plug on the end of it, and running a cable up to the steering head of the bikes. I used to do this until I bought the second mount for my DR. Actually I still have the SAE plug on each cable, it's just that I no longer need to move the mount over. I like having the SAE plug though because when I don't need to power the gps, I can hook up a Battery Tender to the bike.

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