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Originally Posted by mouthfulloflake View Post
I had forgotten its an enrichment circuit and not a choke flap

I think bender is on it.

thats pretty much the only way for it to be so rich if the jets are in fact screwed into place in the carb body, and the needle is in fact not being prevented from dropping down all the way for some reason.
I meticulously reassembled the carb, and cleaned every jet, orifice, nook, cranny, hole, and surface.
Installed it on the bike, and it fired up immediately.
Idled fine with the choke pulled out, warmed up nicely.
Took it for a spin, and right away it began getting flooded again...

Before it had a chance to cool I yanked the carb off. once again the intake was wet with fuel, and smoke poured out of the intake.

I decided to give the carb a sort of bench test by hooking it up to the tank but leaving it off the bike so I could see what it is doing.

Hooked the fuel line up, turned on the gas, the float bowl filled and that was it. No gas came pouring out as expected, the bowl didn't overfill... So I turned the cable assembly to simulate some throttle. The pumper squirted a fair amount of gas out and that was it. I wonder if the fuel I'm finding in the intake is just from the pumper and my problem is an electrical gremlin???
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