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Thanks Guys

Excuse my rant. I have had nothing but time on my hands, whether riding or not riding and I have thought about a lot. I ranted about something that ticked me off that's really unrelated to the ride. I'll nuke that post.

I think being in Miraflores made me realize how much I miss my Vancouver life. I hate small town life where there is nothing to do, go see,etc.. People have few interests, don't do much, It kind of sucks for me. Add Winter to that and I can't tell you how much I hate that. If I never saw snow again it would be much too soon.

Riding in Peru gets me down. Crazy drivers. Between Paracas and Nazca I was forced off the road at least ten times today. One was so close I just couldn't believe it. I would have liked to have gone back and kicked the guy's ass.

I am not enjoying the riding in Peru, at all. It is like riding across a gravel pit in staggering heat for 1000's of miles

I am at a low point. I am not enjoying the ride but I don't want to go home. What to do?

I couldn't even be bothered to climb the 100 steps or so on the Observation tower in 35 degree heat to see the Nazca Lines.
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