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Originally Posted by dashmoto View Post
I'm heading out there late April, planning on doing the full length plus some other stuff (I'm in the US for 12 weeks).

I decided against turning the rollcharts into tracks, for two reasons:

- I've got a 60CSX, and there's no way the whole thing would fit, and I'm not taking a PC, only an android tablet, so can't run Garmin software to switch routes in and out of the internal memory.

- It would have taken an enormously long time.

What I have done is type all the waypoint coordinates in (which still took ages - maybe a couple of weeks at a couple of hours a night), and I'll have these in the GPS as Points of Interest, labelled with state and mileage. I'll be primarily navigating off the rollchart, but I've then got a double check that I'm at the junction I think I'm at.

I'll have the track logging on and some sort of map in there (do be decided, what's people's opinions of OSM in the states?) which will take care of any backtracking, etc.

Time will tell whether this works or I get horribly lost
shouldnt be too hard to find where you are at.. since you will be on tarmac everywhere West/North of Oklahoma due to snow
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