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Originally Posted by andoulli View Post
Just put one on the back of my Roadie. I noticed an immediate improvement in ride quality. The suspension on my bike is overly busy, I think others have noted this as well. I've had two different 1150 GS Adventures, V-Strom, KLR, two F650s, all had considerable amounts of travel. My roadie seems to react to even small bumps, producing a fairly gittery ride. Well, it is now much less so with the Michelin replacement for the OEM Scorpion Trail. Hard to believe a tire change could make this much difference? I've not had this tire long enough to reflect on anything else, plus I still have the Scorpion Trail on the front so any comments about handling in wet and dry, or cornering would have little meaning.
So you dont like it? I've heard good things about this tire.
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