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Originally Posted by Xtremjeepn View Post
Why the hell would you spend $4k on factory tanks when you could put the aftermarket 10g units on there for $1600 ish.....and gain a ton of usable capacity and durability. Not to mention it would add value to the bike

Who the hell wants to ride a stock bike? With the exception of one or two little parts everything that needs replaced there is an upgraded component for. To me, this looks like an opportunity to upgrade the bike and maybe have some coin in your pocket after doing so. Or I guess you could spend all that money to just have another stock bike
My statement was that the WHOLE cost of repairs IF NOT DOING THE WORK PERSONALLY, (aka taking it to a shop) would be close to $4k. I have reviewed and created estimates for several ADVs that have experienced "hard landings". IF it is a INSURANCE paid for job, which would require a "shop" to complete the work, the insurance co will strongly encourage the work to be completed back to the way the vehicle was prior to the "hard landing".

Is it technically possible to repair the motorcycle? Probably. Is is a good financial decision? That is yet to be determined, but on the surface, unfortunately for this ADV there is a very high likelihood that it will become a source for parts.

cheers to a good used ADV, may someone make use of your parts well
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