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Originally Posted by rkover1 View Post
A circle Island tour would be a good choice. Head out past Sandy Beach and Makapu'u, up the windward coast to the North Shore. If the waves are up, the bikes will help get you through the traffic. Lots of nice beaches along the way for short breaks. The Shrimp trucks near La'ie make a nice lunch break.

Have fun!

This is the way to do it... lived on Oahu for three years with my GSA.. only 120 miles around the whole island so not a ton of real choice... just ride the perimeter.. when you get up to the North Shore ride out to the end of the road past Dillingham Airport.... it is out and back since you cant ride around that end of the island.. but I like the road.. then when you cross over back to the western side of the island you can ride out to Waianae..which is another out and back road.. but worth it.. will you have a GPS that can take GPX files? I could gin up a route on Mapsource later tonight and email it to you.

But basically take H1 Southeast out of Honolulu... it will end and turn into Kalanianaole Hwy....take that all the way around the shouthern tip of the island.. past Hanauma Bay.. stop there if you want to see where Elvis filmed Blue Hawaii. But if you get to Hanauma Bay too late it will be packed and you will have to shuttle down.. not sure if that is true at this time of year.. cant remember?? Anyway, Hanauma Bay is beautiful but a tourist destination.. then back on Kalanianaole heading North .. got through Waimanalo.. when you get to the stoplight at the intersection of Kalanianaole Hwy and Kailua Rd you can turn right..down the hill to Kailua.. which is a cool little town with beautiful beaches and some good chow.. or you can turn left and continue on Kalanianaole Hwy for a mile or so.. up a hill to another stop light at the intersection of the Pali Hwy, Kalanianaole Hwy and I believe the Kamehmeha Hiway.. at least I think it is ..anyway.. turn right towards the North Shore...go through Kaneohe.. then the road will meet up with Kahekili Hwy..where you will turn right.. again towards the North Shore.. I am 99% sure the road keeps the Kamehameha name... even though the Kahekili Hwy is the bigger road. Stop at one of the shrimp shacks for lunch.. they are all good.. but Giovani's is the most famous.. but like I said.. they are all the same IMHO. Now you will be headed into North Shore proper.. it will be a zoo if there is a winter swell hitting.. but way cool giant waves to be seen, and honestly there is no way to but through the mess..or turn around and head back the way you came Once you have made it through the North Shore mess.. stopping at Sunset Beach or Banzai Pipeline if you wish.. then go up past the airport.. hit the tip of the island.. turn around.. turn right on Wilikina Dr... towards Schofield Barracks.. then route 750 to the H1.. take the H1 towards Wainae.. it will neck down to a smaller road..take that along the coast to Wainae.. see the beach.. turn around and head back to Honolulu.. make sense??

If you are wondering about all the crazy and hard to remember names.. the Hawaiian laguage only has 12 letters.. 5 vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and 7 consonants (h, k, l, m, n, p, w)
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