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Originally Posted by TengaiJohn View Post
Can't he show them the invoice for the galvanizing??? How about other invoices to show he did a ground up restore?

That really sucks!!!! Which port did he bring it in thru?
He has all that and photos of the process that were given to the man at the port when the issue first came up. They claim its a 2002. There was a 02 that he used to own when he lived over there and that frame has been parted out and remains in the UK. Technically and legally the UK MOT calls it and titled it an 86. Man with badge here suspects different.

This is the result of the appeal. No entry based on suspicion. $1,200 fine and he can send it back out of country. Check was cut today and shipping arranged. He's choosing not to push back and recover what he can back in Yurp. Either that or park it at a mates house and there's a vehicle we can use for our holidays and general fooking about. .

The bottom line is this one was too shiny and would have been the fourth one in that had his name on it. The both of us brought in three the year before, but this one was all his. Whew!
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