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Originally Posted by docwyte View Post
I went to two or three local shops and tried on a bunch of different jackets/pants/boots. Klim, Olympia, BMW, Sidi etc.

Living in Denver we have snow/cold in the winter and extreme heat in the summer but not too much rain. So I wasn't really all that concerned about being caught in a cats and dogs downpour, but was more concerned with breathability for summer riding and protection in case I fall.

I ended up liking the BMW Rallye 3 stuff the best, the jacket fit me perfectly and all the armor was right where it needed to be and felt very natural. The Klim gear felt high quality, but the fit on me was just a bit awkward. I got lucky and found a like new Rallye 3 suit for sale on the site here and got it for a great deal.

Then I went after some boots and after a lot of reading/research and trying on a bunch of different brands the Sidi Adventure Goretex were the ones I bought. I have a very narrow foot/ankle and the Sidi's felt great, my ankle wasn't riding up and down in them. I spent the extra money on the Goretex versions to get the real leather and added breathability of the Goretex so I hopefully won't get swamp foot here in the summer when it hits 100+.
I never thought about checking out the BMW stuff. I'll give that a shot too. I got some Alpinestar Tech 3's that I really like for boots when I am offroad all day. I am considering some less aggresive ones for long distance, multiday stuff because the comfort level isn't there in that regard. So far I have been using the road stuff I got for my commutes that is just cheaper Built stuff from cycle gear. It has been good so far but the protection in the pants is all wrong. Better than nothing for now though. I did try on some Klim pants and wasn't happy with the fit. Quality was outstanding.
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