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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
Hey James,
Super cool build. I love the rim size and wheel/tire combo. Perfect.
The seat base and rear hump look perfect.
I hope it does not offend but I was gonna ask why you want to use SS screws on the sub frame?
I reason I ask is because SS is more brittle that other steel, they can snap a bit easier. Not that they WILL snap, and there are different alloys of SS, some better for this application some worse. I would say that some grade 8.8 bolts would be the best choice, but I am no engineer. Just a thought. It would suck to snap off 2 bolts and crash.
Thanks. I appreciate the kind words from everyone.
No offense taken, I have a reason for everything I do.
May not be a good reason, but I do have one!
I appreciate no one (so far) has pointed out my lousy welding ability.
Or lack thereof really. I am teaching myself how to weld with a book and a video.
And lots of practice.
And lots of grinding to make it look better...

I wanted socket head bolts so I wouldn't have to use overly large tubing just to be able to get a socket on a hex bolt inside. For fit-up I used 6mm hex bolts and that is what is in the pictures so far I think.
I wanted the bolt heads recessed in for appearance so there will be no caps on the open ends of the tubes.
I used ss for looks mostly. If I could have found zinc plated metric socket head bolts I would use them but the stainless were not overly expensive and since I am using 8mm bolts I am not worried about them shearing off while riding. When I crash however, that may possibly break one or more, but the entire subframe is very light tube and will likely be all bent up if not destroyed in a big get off anyway.

I wanted a bolt on subframe so that I can experiment with it, change it easily, remove it for any maintenance, etc.
With the lowered and shortened travel suspension I am not going to be riding the local mx track on this one.
I believe the ss bolts will be plenty strong for the intended use and abuse. However, if they break I will be sure to report it! I have room inside the tube to even go up to a 10mm socket head bolt but I think that the tubing will fail long before that strength could be reached.

Coming up is the aluminum electrics tray that will hide all the wiring under the seat as well as the new Ballistic battery that looks like a toy battery. I want to mount it visible from the rear under the seat.

Also need to work more on the gas tank to connect the shell to the tunnel and figure out how I want to mount it.

And I am just about ready to strip the bike back down to remove any remaining tabs I won't use, grind down the ugly factory frame welds and then drop the frame off at the powder paint shop for the satin black.
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