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Originally Posted by soyanarchisto View Post
Crappy cell phone pic of a bali song that I picked up while in the Army--sometime around 1986.
Ah, I remember that model. I think it's a Model 68 -made in L.A. It was a popular low-cost (by Balisong standards) production knife. Even the rivets weren't filed on those. Came in both the weehawk and tanto blade.

I used to work knife shows for Balisong back around that time. When I say "work" I mean standing in a booth at knife shows flipping butterfly knives all day long. Back then there were a few good gun and knife shows in the L.A. area and Les De Asis would pay us to sell knives directly to the public. I ended up with a decent collection of knives such as yours, but also a beautiful handmade custom by Jody Sampson, who was working for Bali at the time. I remember Les and his wife Roberta as really nice people. Then these knives became illegal to sell in CA and Les moved his operation to Oregon and changed the name of the company to Benchmade. Those were some good times back then. I'll dig up the Sampson knife and post it here.
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