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Originally Posted by Hay Ewe View Post
The TD5 engine uses the other type of coolant fluid (not sure which) and so the additives may not work or as well. In addition, he needs to be very careful about driving it, loosing not too much cooling can kill the engine, and that will be much more expensive than a coolant.

I am a member of AULRO (australia Land rover Owners) forum and they are very help full and can give guidance.

this wont actually solve teh overall problem may give some good info as to help deal with the current situation.
Of course, a replacement radiator or a repair the current one is possible with out goign to the stealer ship

hope that helps

Hay Ewe

Originally Posted by TengaiJohn
Replacing the rad isn't that hard to do. He can get it recored or get a used one in good condition. If he is on the east coast I would recommend getting in touch with Paul Grant or Marty (Drillbit) on

Last radiator I purchase for my DI was $269 and it was an original Nissen.

If he needs any help have him get in touch with me: cinqueg at hotmail dot com
Thanks gents, I will pass this info along to Simon. Much appreciated.

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