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Originally Posted by bobobob View Post
Sure, if you stay away from the violence.
Besides, are adventures supposed to be safe?
We have discussed the Priscilla Brosnahan & Co. story here before but I had not seen this particular narrative and photos.

I think each casual reader of this thread should read all accounts of this incident and factor what happened into their personal risk management profile.

Suffice to say, the encapsulation in the story to the effect of "all they wanted was your money" or words to that effect, is the centerpoint.

Without having to rehash the discussion all over again, the salient points: When you travel anywhere in the world, its often wise to have a throw away wallet. But live up to the title - be ready and fast on the toss. If someone has a gun, be it Mexico, St. Louis, Prague etc., give them what they want and pronto. If you don't have a throw-away, give them your real wallet, along with your camera, IPad, IPhone and MacBook Air. Your TV, your SIDIs, and your Schuberth too.

If anything, this is a story about the heat of the moment and the microseconds you have to make a decision.

With that in mind, it is good to have this story and to put it to use in the context "what if this happened to me - how would I react". And discuss it with your travel companions. It degrades your position if you're compliant, and your riding partners choose flight and/or fight.
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