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rigged up a basic bashplate. in keeping with the dodgy nature of the project, its just a piece of alloy bent to shape and u-bolts to bolt it to the exhaust. its only to deflect stones obviously and not meant to enable log hopping.

fits very firmly, just put some zip ties on in case the u-bolt nuts came loose for any reason.

next step was getting some shorter dog bones laser-cut to kick up the rear of the bike either one or two inches and compensate for the XT600 forks raising the front. if anyone wants a set of these dog bones, there was a minimum order of $120 so i got several pairs made for the same cost of one pair. if anyone wants a pair happy to do $30 plus postage. i set up a page here for easy paypal payment.

a quick test ride and it tips into a corners a bit more which works out well. i read somewhere that shorter dog bones slightly changes the geometry and the first bit of the shock travel is beefed up a fraction. might have noticed this but hard to tell, it's not much different if at all.

two inches higher is about the limit before the chain starts to rub hard against the rubber pad on the top of the swingarm so that's worked out nicely.

free enduro training vids for gumbies here

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