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Originally Posted by dcstrom View Post
Hey Bato,

Still in Mexico! With my Super Tenere riding buddy Matteo in Playa del Carmen. Luxury I tell ya! In his condo right on the beach, good food, swimming pools, beer, tequila and beach babes in abundance!

In terms of being a traveller here - it's a really nice place, if you have the money. I know I wouldn't be staying here long if it wasn't for being able to stay at Matteo's place. Not really in my budget.

As it is, I have to leave soon - I was hoping to see more of the Yucatan, but I'm just about out of rear tires and there doesn't seem to be anyone around here that has something I want (i.e. a K60). I can get a Continental something or other at BMW Cancun, but it's not going to give me the mileage I'm looking for. MikeMike gave me a used tire if I really get stuck, hoping not to have to fit it. The K60 has 9000 miles on it now, it will go to 10000 probably till it's slick in the middle. If I head south now I'll be able to make it to Julio's place in Antigua, where there will be a set of K60's waiting. So looks like I'll be crossing into Belize in the next few days.

Here's a video demonstrating one more reason why we love big adventure bikes... This is Mex 175 from Oaxaca to Tuxtapec. The road is damp and pretty badly broken up in a lot of places, but the Tenere just soaks it all up and lets me maintain a nice pace through it all. This road would not be much fun on a sport bike or even a sport tourer...

Hey Trevor, nice clip. Good to hear from you again.
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