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The previous owner of the one I recently bought had put in Thruxton needles, which apparently have a richer taper. He'd also exposed the fuel/air screw and backed it out 1/2 turn.

On a cold morning it needs choke to start, but can be ridden away in a minute. It carburets crisply.

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Hey gang, It's been a while since I've posted. The W650 and I are still getting along famously. The one issue that rears its head from time to time, especially in these frosty winters is the lean nature of the bike. It seems that once the bike warms up it's fine, but still a bit on the lean side. The long warmup period is what gets me. I've read through this thread multiple times over through the past 8 months or so, but I'm curious. Those of you who have modified the fuel mixture, whether it was air mixture screws, rejetting, going with pod filters, etc, What has worked well, would you do it again, what were the effects?

The only thing that I've done is turn the air mixture screws out 3.5 turns, and block off the Clean Air System with a marble. The marble has stopped the backfiring when you clutch-in, but the bike still feels like it's not riding as smoothly as it could for the first 15 min or so. I did not have this problem with an 860cc carbureted Bonneville, so I don't think it's an issue of a larger displacement engine taking a while to heat up. The W650 however has been perfect as far as reliability is concerned. It never misses a beat. Anyways, just curious what you all were doing to your bikes. Thanks.
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